Monday, October 19, 2020

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LA Urban Farms' Wendy Coleman, Jennifer Crane, Melanie Dorsey



Grow Your Own Food With LA Urban Farms Vertical Gardens

Wendy Coleman, the founder of LA Urban Farms, found her passion in inspiring and helping others grow their own healthy food using vertical aeroponics. Wendy's equally enthusiastic business partners are her sister, Jennifer Crane, and her cousin, Melanie Dorsey, who share in this amazing journey of urban farming and educating people.
LA Urban Farms' first location in Santa Monica was the very first aeroponic vertical rooftop farm on a commercial office building in the City of LA, and the company currently grows for LA Mayor Garcetti's family at The Getty House.
LA Urban Farms works with families in their backyards, students in schools, business owners, top restaurant chefs, resorts, hotels, and universities in LA, across the U.S. and in Europe, helping them grow their own nutrient-dense, delicious local food! Other collaborations include IKEA & Tom Dixon for the award winning silver medal display 'Gardening Will Save The World' at The Chelsea Flower Show in London, Disneyland, Ford, United Airlines, and many more.

LA Urban Farms is also proud to work with the LA Mission, LAMP, LA Kitchen, and The Downtown Women’s Center providing healthy food to those who need it most.
The three women will introduce us to the aeroponic Tower Garden system that makes it easy to grow fresh, nutritious food year-round in a sustainable way, without soil and pesticides, indoors and outdoors, and conserve 95% of water usage compared to traditional gardening. Taking up only 2 - 2.5 sq ft, the modifiable, vertical, residential Tower Garden lets you grow plants 3x faster and at 30% greater yields than with regular gardening. It requires no weeding, and is especially convenient for anyone experiencing limited mobility.
Wendy, Jennifer, and Melanie will show us, how to assemble, maintain, and enjoy this unique way of gardening and harvesting.
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