Monday, May 17, 2021

10:00 A.M. - Noon

Holistic Garden Design

with Loretta Allison

Born and raised in LA (Atwater Village), Loretta Allison fell in love with plants and the garden at an early age. The beauty and healing qualities of her mother's garden inspired her to pursue a career in floral design, photography, art direction, plant prop styling, and as a wellness and horticultural editor, and eventually starting her own line of organic edible and medicinal plants called Spade and Seeds.

Loretta soon became part of a vibrant and beautiful community of fellow earth stewards, urban farmers, herbalists, and plant people. She has enriched her knowledge of holistic gardening and plants with Horticulture studies at UCLA and a Permaculture Design Certificate, and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times.

Loretta currently sells her plant collection through Artemisia Nursery in El Sereno. She is a professional edible landscaper, garden coach and consultant throughout the Los Angeles area. Her emphasis is on empowering her students, and soil (and soul) regeneration on a backyard level.

Loretta has a special treat for us that will involve all participants. At the beginning of her presentation, Loretta will invite us to a 1-minute Plant Meditation and therefore asks, that members bring ONE herb as follows to this meeting:

A freshly cut stem of a favorite herb such as Sage, or Mint, or Thyme, or Rosemary, or Rose, etc.
A fresh cup of tea with a single herb such as Chamomile, or Mint, or Tulsi (Holy Basil), or Hibiscus, etc.
Members are asked to choose only ONE herb to work with at this meeting.

For more information about Loretta Allison please visit her website and check out her presence on Instagram @spadeandseeds  Facebook @SpadeAndSeeds  and  Twitter @spadeandseeds


Check out what the LA Times had to say about Allison's Community Herb Swap 
and sign up for her Mailing List via her website to be notified about future events and workshops!


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