As of March 2019,

our Club has a

Rotating Presidency.


Each month, a different

Board Member or Officer will be presiding over the

General Meeting.

Line-up for 2020-2021

  Sep: Helene Jacobs

  Oct: Kathy Dupree

  Nov: TBD

  Jan: TBD

  Feb: TBD

  Mar: TBD

  Apr: TBD

  May: TBD

  Jun: TBD

Club Officers 2020-2021

Current Club Officers are listed in our Membership Yearbook.

A picture of current Board Members can be seen here.

For privacy reasons, no personal contact information is published online. For further inquiries, please contact us via e-mail at


Annual Membership Fee


$20  Individual

$20  Household


Dues are payable May 1 and delinquent May 31. Membership includes a subscription to the CGCI e-Newsletter "Golden Gardens" and our Club's own Newsletter "LA Garden Scoop".


The Annual Membership Fees 

for Individuals and Households for the 2020-2021 Club Term have been reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Los Angeles Garden Club Membership
75 Year Anniversary
80 Year Anniversary

Deeply Rooted and Continuously Growing


The Los Angeles Garden Club was founded in 1932, we are a Non-Profit Corporation, and we currently have 50 active members.


We meet on the second Monday of the month, September through June, unless stated otherwise, at the

Griffith Park Visitor's Center Auditorium

4730 Crystal Springs Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027

(next to the Park Ranger Station).


Social time takes place between 9:15 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. during which we enjoy coffee, tea, and goodies from our breakfast snack table. During this time, members can explore the plant- and discovery tables, which offer plants and goods for sale.
At this time, members may also buy raffle tickets for the noon raffle.


The official part of the meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. and lasts until noon. During the first hour, various administrative topics are discussed, announcements made, and members volunteer in the popular horticulture and arrangements "Show and Tell".


We also have a NGC Flower Show Master Judge among our members who will be happy to provide tips on how to create the perfect submission to a flower show.

In addition, we have a NGC Landscape Design Consultant, a NGC Gardening Consultant and several Master Gardener Consultants, who are knowledgeable in answering various garden-related questions.

During the second hour, we enjoy an interesting guest speaker presentation, which always offers educational and inspiring insights. And at noon, we hold our raffle and begin with the clean-up process.

Throughout the year, we organize exciting events and field trips, and members are encouraged to explore and participate in the many meaningful and inspiring projects our club is involved in. Please visit our website for the latest news, events, projects, links and photos.


Learn about our wonderful organization and its history, our inspiring and knowledgeable members, our accomplished guest speakers, and our fun, yet educational meetings, activities, events and field trips.


The annual fee is $30 for Individual Membership, $45 for Household Membership.
Dues are payable May 1 and delinquent May 31.

The membership includes a subscription to the CGCI e-Newsletter "Golden Gardens" and our Club's own e-Newsletter "LA Garden Scoop".

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to info@losangelesgardenclub.org  We'll be happy to assist you.


For additional online interaction, please visit our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group (via FB Search or the Direct Link Button on our FB Page), and follow us on Twitter @LA_GardenClub

For the latest updates please visit our Website losangelesgardenclub.org and our Facebook Group.

We always enjoy meeting gardening enthusiasts or anyone interested in horticulture. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact us or join us and get to know us. Guests are welcome to attend their first meeting for free.


We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon!

75 Year Anniversary

We Honor our Club's History by Planting 75 Trees in Los Angeles


In the United States, no record of garden clubs exists before January 1891. It is then, when a group of women in Athens, Georgia, founded the Ladies Garden Club of Athens. They were the first - and certainly not the last.


On May 1, 1929, at an organizational meeting in Washington, D.C., 13 federated state garden clubs founded and became charter members of the National Garden Clubs, establishing their headquarters at Rockefeller Center in New York City.


On May 10, 1958, after a four-year-long fund raising drive, the national organization moved into its permanent headquarters building in St. Louis, Missouri, adjacent to the Missouri Botanical Garden.


From the humble beginning in 1929, National Garden Clubs has grown to become a U.S.-centered, international association, and the world's largest volunteer organization of its kind. There are approx. 6,500 member garden clubs with more than 200,000 individual members and 149 national affiliates in the United States alone. In addition, there are 447 international affiliates extending from Canada to Mexico and South America, and from Bermuda to South Africa, Australia and Japan.


The California Garden Club Federation was organized on December 5, 1931, with 23 charter clubs. Annual dues were 15 cents per member levied on each club. A year later, the federation was admitted to membership in the National Council of State Garden Clubs (NCSGC) and "Golden Gardens" magazine (four pages!) was published for the first time - Annual subscription fee: 50 cents.

On May 13, 1936, the federation incorporated under the name California Garden Clubs, Inc. (CGCI) and hosted the 6th annual meeting of NCSGC that same year.


The Los Angeles Garden Club (LAGC) was not a charter member of California Garden Club, Inc. (CGCI), and was not organized until 1932. The club was federated in October 1934 and incorporated in October 1964.


While Mrs. Elvenia Slosson was the driving force behind the California Garden Club, Inc., Mrs. Maria Wilkes was the prominent founder of the Los Angeles Garden Club. Another remarkable woman and invaluable asset to the LAGC was Dr. Bonnie Templeton, Ph.D. With two horticultural experts in its midst, the LAGC enjoyed great respect and an honorable reputation. In 1956, the LAGC was blessed with yet another talented member, Mrs. Frances Frenzel, an expert in flower arrangement and display. To learn more about these influential women and their ever-lasting effect on the Los Angeles Garden Club, please visit their individual Bios:  Maria Wilkes   Dr. Bonnie Templeton   Frances Frenzel


Thanks to these prominent women, various activities flourished under the umbrella of the LAGC:

Horticultural Workshops, Garden Tours, Expert Guest Speaker Engagements, Beautification Projects including Freeway Off-Ramps and 75 Trees for LA, World Flower Festival, Flower Shows, and the Garden Therapy Project teaching outdoor gardening to handicapped children to help them improve hand/eye coordination and manual dexterity.


With regular contributions, donations and volunteer services to its affiliates and various worthy charity organizations, the Los Angeles Garden Club and its members strive to make a positive difference in the environment and in people's lives.


The History of the Los Angeles Garden Club was compiled by Mrs. Ashkhen Evrard, Historian and former Co-President. More detailed information is available upon request.

Los Angeles Garden Club, Inc., 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, Los Angeles, California, USA 
info@losangelesgardenclub.org   LosAngelesGardenClub.org   LosAngelesGardenClub.com 

Mailing Address:   Los Angeles Garden Club, Inc., PO Box 29305, Los Angeles, CA 90029-0305

Meeting Location: Griffith Park Visitor’s Center Auditorium, 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

(next to Park Ranger Station)

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