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The Los Angeles Garden Club supports various projects and charitable causes. Our members volunteer their time and/or donate funds and gifts to these important causes.


But we need your help in order to sustain our commitment to these causes and the people involved. Your generosity will help us to continue to make an important difference in many people's lives.

We thank you for your gift and your generous support!

Please make Check or Money Order payable to Los Angeles Garden Club, Inc. and mail to 

Los Angeles Garden Club, Inc., 1125 E Broadway #839, Glendale, CA 91205. Thank you!

Los Angeles Garden Club, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Your gift/donation is tax deductible. All donations are final.



LAGC Board

Los Angeles Garden Club:
Committed to help beautify Los Angeles for future generations


For 90 years, the Los Angeles Garden Club has been involved in countless, meaningful projects throughout the Los Angeles area.

In recent years, our Club members have been assisting "San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity" with the landscaping of the “Chestnut Homes” project in Glendale, California. Our members also volunteered in the makeover of a residential garden under the patronage of "Brush with Kindness". In 2018, we joined forces with "Taking the Reins", assisting the organization with gardening projects and helping to raise awareness and funds for their wonderful Horse & Garden Program.

The selfless kindness of our members has allowed our Club to offer its help and support wherever it is needed. However, in order to help maintain this support system to others, we need your help, please.


Our Club's regular monthly expenses include Meeting Room Rental, Honoraria to our wonderful Guest Speakers and delicious Goodies for our Hospitality Table. We also offer a Discovery Table and hold Plant Sales to which our members offer items for sale to benefit the Club.

An educational endeavor close to our heart is the Flower Show, an event that is offered to the public free of charge. But due to steadily rising costs we have not been able to offer our Flower Show on an annual basis, which is regrettable, because this event is not only educational, but serves as an inspiration to people from all walks of life. The expenses for a Flower Show are usually in the vicinity of $800 (rent for logistically ideal room/hall/facility included). Our members volunteer their labor, time and own materials during this 2-day event.

Your help and contributions in any shape or form are greatly appreciated and we thank you for your generous support.

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Randa Skorzanka

LAGC College Scholarship

In 2023, thanks to your support and generous donations, we were able to award three scholarships at $750 each to Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) horticulture students. All scholarship recipients are selected by the Mt. SAC Foundation & Alumni Association and approved by the LAGC Scholarship Committee and the LAGC Board.

​Funding is encouraged through member donations, however, any monetary contributions by generous donors are greatly appreciated. We thank you for your continued support.

More info about our Scholarship Winners 

Informative Video of the Mt. SAC Horticulture Program 



Vicky Hansen

Homeless Health Care Los Angeles


Our Club continues to support Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, a unique organization providing services for homeless children, families, and persons with co-occurring health issues, including mental health and substance use disorders.


Monetary donations are collected at our Club's November meeting. Member participation is approximately 85%. Homeless Health Care Los Angeles will mail donors a donation letter that serves as tax receipt. Your support of our Club means that we can continue to help people in need.



LAGC Board

Taking the Reins


In 2018, our Club partnered with Taking the Reins to help support this community-based non-profit organization in Los Angeles that serves hundreds of at-risk girls, ages 8-18, to help them excel and achieve their fullest potential in a safe and diverse environment. Thanks to the Equestrian, Urban Farm, and Animal Husbandry Programs, girls learn the value of teamwork and responsibility, in addition to valuable skills.

Taking the Reins inspires and encourages girls to self-advocate, helping them grow into future leaders. TTR also offers workshops in the arts, personal development and life skills, college preparation, and career opportunities. Partnering schools report TTR teens have higher in-class participation and school attendance. All students who are with TTR for 2+ years graduate from high school on time, and 98% of students who are with TTR for 4+ years are the first in their family to attend college. 83% of TTR students show an increase in self-esteem and leadership.

Our members enjoy volunteering and participating in the garden classes. Whenever Taking the Reins provides us with their schedule, our members can sign up during our regular membership meetings. Occasionally we'll organize luncheons, tea parties, and tours to keep the connection with the TTR team and their girls.

Thanks to donors like you and our members, Taking the Reins has served more than 4,000 L.A. girls in the organization's 24-year history! Donations are very much appreciated.

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